NPT Tokenomics

Understanding the NPT Structure

NPT serves as the main economic medium for exchange and rewards within the NEOPIN ecosystem. The NPT Economy clearly defines the contributions of participants to the ecosystem and provides relevant rewards to contributors.

1. Rewards for participation in the ecosystem

NPT is a systemic ecosystem built to induce spontaneous participation from users. The NPT economy provides rewards based on the contribution of participants in the ecosystem, and the rate of rewards is adjusted proportionally to the contribution.

1-1. Rewards for Liquidity Providers

  • Mining rewards in Pool products are earned based on the interest rate

  • Liquidity providers are rewarded with fees generated from swap transactions by users.

  • A certain rate of the profit generated by the operation of a staking node is continuously traded in liquidity pools, and the rewards generated are provided as additional profit.

1-2. Rewards for Stake

  • Rewards are provided in proportion to the amount delegated to a Stake product.

  • In Stake products, Stake rewards and mining rewards are provided in accordance to the users’ contribution to the ecosystem.

1-3. Rewards for NPT LockUp

  • Rewards for lockup products are provided proportionally to the amount of locked NPT.

1-4. Rewards for Participation in Events & Services

  • Rewards are provided for participating in an event to activate the NEOPIN service.

The maximum amount of liquidity and service mining rewards are based on the volume of the liquidity pool and the NEOPIN ecosystem. The distribution of NPT is adjusted to maintain the value of NPT and encourage continuous participation until the NEOPIN ecosystem is fully expanded. To ensure transparency and reliability, the distribution of NPT will be disclosed periodically.

2. Maintaining a sustainable ecosystem

NEOPIN rewards users for contributing to its ecosystem. Lack of contribution rewards may weaken motivation to participate in the NEOPIN ecosystem and threaten the stability of a liquidity pool.

NEOPIN maintains the stability of the NPT economy with stable circulation of NPT in the NEOPIN ecosystem through Swap, NFT marketplace, P2E, and S2E

  • Expanding Swap product by supporting multiple chains.

  • Increasing NPT usage by expanding X2E (P2E, S2E, M2E) service.

  • Creating an initial liquidity pool to buy back NPT

  • Using profits to buy back NPT from the market

This circular structure of the NEOPIN ecosystem encourages user participation and helps sustain the ecosystem by collecting rewards from a variety of services.

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