[App] Stake Guide

Stake User Guide for NEOPIN

1. Stake

  1. Go to the [Earn] tab > [Stake] tab

  2. Select a product you want to stake and proceed to the product detail pages

  3. After carefully reviewing the product information, click the [Stake Now] button

  4. Enter the amount to stake and click the [Stake] button

    • Please make sure to review and agree to the "Terms of Use" before staking.

  5. Enter the PIN Code to complete the swap.

  • The expected APR for Stake is determined by the chain inflation, and the changed APR will be updated and displayed in the Stake product information.

  • Staked assets cannot be deposited, withdrawn or traded.

  • There is a minimum amount required to stake depending on the product.

  • After your staking request, the transaction request will be sent to the blockchain network and a push notification will be sent when the transaction is completed. (There may be a waiting time depending on the network situation).

2. Unstake

  1. Go to the [Wallet] tab > [Stake] tab and select the product you want to unstake

  2. Review the details of your staked products. In the details, you can check the start date of the Stake, the expected APR, and the cumulative rewards.

  3. Click the [Unstake] button at the bottom

  4. Enter the amount you want to unstake and click the [Unstake] button

    • Please make sure to review and agree to the "Terms of Use" before proceeding with an unstake.

  5. Enter the PIN Code to complete the Unstake process.

  • For some products, only unstaking of the total amount staked is available. (TRX)

  • The time required for unstaking varies from product to product.

AssetUnstake Request can be made atAsset Transfer after Unstake Request


2 days after last Stake




Available to Claim after 1~14+ days



To the wallet after 14 days



To the wallet after 7 days

3. Claim Rewards

  1. Go to the [Wallet] tab > [Stake] tab and find the [Rewards] section

  2. Click the [Claim] button and select the token you want to claim

  3. Click the [Claim Rewards] button. After the transaction is completed, the rewards will be transferred to your wallet.

  • For Liquid Stake products and ETH Stake products, unstaked amounts and rewards are shown together in the list.

  • Any product in the unstaking process will be shown in the “In Progress” section of the list.

  • For products with multiple rewards, each reward is accumulated separately and each reward is transferred to your wallet each time you claim the reward.

  • If the user's wallet address does not have enough tokens to cover the transaction fee, the claim cannot be made.

  • The longer the claim cycle with fewer transactions you make, the lower the fees.

  • Depending on the unique characteristics of each network, there may be a time limit or delay for claiming rewards for each product.

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