Issuance and Allocation

Information on NEOPIN Issuance and Allocation

1. Issuance

A total of 1 billion NPT tokens have been issued, and only a small portion of the total amount will be made available for trading in the market each month in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform.

2. Allocation

A portion of the NPT tokens will be allocated to the ecosystem for use in creating an initial liquidity pool, providing staking rewards, mining rewards, and service rewards. This helps to support the long-term operation of the NEOPIN ecosystem.

The Operation allotment is used to incentivize the project team and is distributed based on an individual's contribution to the ecosystem. The Reserve allotment is used for expanding the ecosystem beyond the allocated purposes. The Partnership allotment is used to increase the use of NPT by establishing new partnerships and developing new services. The lock-up period for this allotment may vary depending on the nature of each partnership. The Marketing allotment is used for marketing expenses to actively promote the NEOPIN project and increase the number of participants.

* The token allocation plan outlined in this document is subject to change based on the progress of the roadmap and technical development, or any other circumstances that may affect token issuance and distribution. If any changes occur, NEOPIN will provide details on their website.

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