NEOPIN pioneers the future of DeFi

What is a “Trust”? How do you trust others? We say that we trust people not when they are friendly, but when we can transparently know who they are for a long time. What about commercial services? Why do we trust Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung and give them all my card and personal information? We did not trust these services in the first place. These services became trustworthy with the value of their company based on secure long term interaction with users and technologies. However, any trust we place in these services are never immutable, just like people. This applies to both traditional finance and Web 3.0 markets as well.

The traditional financial market provided reliable services, but we also hear news of some major banks being hacked or abusing users’ personal and/or financial information. DeFi was created to solve this problem, but it raised an issue of inability to filter users as the service is decentralized, leading to the potential abuse of criminal proceeds such as money laundering, etc. At NEOPIN, we wanted to solve this paradox by providing a transparent, reliable and stable financial service, but one that is user-oriented financial service. We believe that the best approach to providing innovative crypto services is to take advantage of both CeFi and DeFi.

NEOPIN is a Permissioned DeFi protocol that has an innovative approach to the market, taking advantage of CeFi and DeFi. The protocol aims to lead a new era of the Permissioned DeFi by leveraging the stability and security of centralized systems with the flexibility and transparency of decentralized ones. Combining the strengths of both systems, providing its users with greater trust and stability through the implementation of KYC and AML procedures. Unlike address-based DeFi projects, which can be vulnerable to external security threats, NEOPIN has implemented its enterprise-level of security layers and strict security policies such as a KYC identification system and AML guidelines since it started operating in January 2022.

Earn with NEOPIN


Provide liquidity directly to the liquidity pool and receive NEOPIN Token (NPT) in addition to the base rewards.



Connect your wallet and cross-swap tokens supported by NEOPIN in seconds.



Earn rewards by safely delegating your virtual assets to NEOPIN.


Liquid Stake

Stake your assets, receive liquidity tokens in return and leverage them to earn more rewards.

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