NEOPIN pioneers the future
Human desire for wealth-since human existence-could be largely summed up as "asset accumulation" and "consumption". Since the Industrial Revolution and development into a modern society, desire for wealth has been naturally manifested in more diverse ways. The core vision of NEOPIN is precisely to fulfill the human desire for accumulating assets and consuming the accumulated assets. With the objective of aiding users to accumulate more wealth, NEOPIN provides a variety of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) services such as Yield Farming, Swap, and Staking in various virtual assets.
NEOPIN also caters to users' desire to consume by providing a number of affiliated services for consumption, such as P2E (Play-to-Earn), S2E (Service-to-Earn), and NFT (Non-fungible Token). In sum, the key value of the NEOPIN project is to fulfill both the desires of "accumulating assets (Earn)" and "consuming the accumulated assets (Enjoy)". NEOPIN plans to achieve its vision based on “connection” and “expansion” by connecting its services to P2E, S2E, NFT, and more with DeFi at its core, and ultimately expanding into real life beyond the virtual space.
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Earn with NEOPIN

Yield Farm

Provide liquidity directly to the farm of your choice and receive Neopin (NPT) in addition to the base rewards.


Connect your wallet and cross-swap tokens supported by NEOPIN in seconds.


Earn rewards by safely delegating your virtual assets to NEOPIN.

Enjoy with NEOPIN

P2E (Play-to-Earn)

Items or tokens earned through NEOPIN's P2E games will be available for exchange to other items or virtual assets.

S2E (Service-to-Earn)

The NEOPIN ecosystem will expand through services and partnerships that will allow for daily usage of Neopin (NPT).