[Web] Governance Voting Guide

User Guide for Klaytn Governance Voting on NEOPIN

1. Connect your wallet

To use the Swap service on the NEOPIN Web, you need to connect your NEOPIN Wallet first. Please refer to the section below to connect your wallet to the web for full access to the NEOPIN Web services.

2. How to Vote

  1. Go to [Governance] tab on the top menu bar and select the network

  2. Select an ongoing agenda and review the details.

  3. Decide which option, “YES” or “NO” to vote, and click the [Vote] button of the option you would like to vote.

  4. Confirm your voting to proceed with the transaction and authorize the transaction in the NEOPIN App.

  5. Check the updated voting status of the agenda you voted for.

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