[Web] Swap Guide

Swap User Guide for NEOPIN Web

1. Connect your wallet

To use the Swap service on the NEOPIN Web, you need to connect your NEOPIN Wallet first. Please refer to the section below to connect your wallet to the web for full access to the NEOPIN Web services.
▶ Review details on 5. [Web] Connect your NEOPIN Wallet

2. Swap

  1. 1.
    Go to the [Swap] tab
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    Click the [Network] button to select the network of the token to be swapped.
    • Currently available networks: Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn
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    Click the token icon in the [From] column to select the token to swap. And click the token icon in the [To] column to select the token to be swapped for.
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  4. 4.
    Enter the amount of tokens to be swapped
    • Swap will proceed only when you have more than the amount of tokens you wish to swap
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    Click the [Swap] button and review "Estimated Returns".
    • Please review the exchange rate, minimum swappable amount, fees, and exchange route when proceeding with the Swap
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    After careful review, click the [Swap] button and a confirmation request screen will appear in the NEOPIN App.
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    After reviewing the transaction summary, click the [Confirm] button in the NEOPIN App and enter the PIN Code
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  • Exchange Rate
    • Swap transactions are based on the expected exchange rate, which may be different from the actual exchange rate.
    • The larger the amount you swap at one time, the greater the fluctuation in the expected exchange rate.
    • Therefore, please carefully review the difference between the actual and expected exchange rates.
  • Min. Trading Amount
    • This is the minimum guaranteed amount you can receive through the Swap.
    • Since the exchange rate is calculated in real time during the swap process, the expected exchange rate may differ from the actual exchange rate.
    • Min. Trading Amount indicates the minimum amount of swaps that will be guaranteed even if this difference occurs.
    • However, if the actual swap amount is less than the minimum swap amount indicated, the swap will be canceled.
  • Amount Difference
    • The amount of tokens received after completion of the swap may differ from the expected quantity.
      • Swap will proceed only when you have more than the amount of tokens you wish to swap.
      • Please check the exchange rate, minimum swappable quantity, fees, and exchange route when proceeding with swaps.

2. Slippage Tolerance

What is slippage? If multiple users are swapping at once, the exchange rate will fluctuate rapidly, resulting in a difference between the actual amount and the expected amount. This difference is called slippage, and you can set the slippage range as you proceed with Swap. However, if the slippage exceeds the set allowable range, the swap will not proceed.
1. Click the [Settings] button at the top night of the Swap screen to set the slippage tolerance.
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2. You can set your slippage tolerance by choosing the default setting of 0.5%, selecting a different number, or entering it manually.
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  • When setting the slippage tolerance, if too low or too high a value is set, the transaction may not proceed or a loss may occur.

3. Swap Ratio Graph

The Swap Ratio Graph is provided to allow users to easily check the exchange rate change of the tokens to swap.
1. Set the tokens you wish to swap in the [From] and [To] columns.
2. You can see the exchange rate change for the transaction.
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  • A daily change graph is provided by default, and weekly and monthly graphs can also be checked by switching the upper tabs.
  • You can hide or show the graph by pressing the graph button at the top left of the swap screen.