NEOPIN Introduction

The World’s Leading One-stop, Non-custodial Permissioned DeFi protocol


NEOPIN is a one-stop, non-custodial Permissioned protocol for the secure use of crypto with regulatory frameworks while leveraging benefits of both CeFi and DeFi. Based on the stable security protocols and regulated environment, NEOPIN aims to bridge traditional finance and DeFi protocols for all users.

In addition, NEOPIN was selected to join the Innovation Programme of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a leading country in the blockchain industry. NEOPIN is currently cooperating with the UAE government to develop the DeFi regulatory framework and expanding services based on it globally.



Earn interests with diverse multi-chain products, enjoy its competitive high yields comes from various blockchain protocols


Years of node-operating and accelerating experience in the blockchain industry, made by experts from Web3 and Web2 institutions such as Binance,, Gnosis and Neowiz.


An intuitive and simple UI/UX for everyone, translate complex DeFi protocols for the masses

Regulatory compliance

The world's first DeFi protocol to develop and integrate a regulatory framework, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Global Market of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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