How It Works

Exclusive Opportunity to Benefit All NEOPIN Users

A point system is used to determine the ranking of participants and the allocation of Gift Boxes containing $NPT tokens. All activities carried out on NEOPIN will be taken into account for point accumulation. The more points you score by completing qualifying actions, the greater number of Gift Boxes containing $NPT tokens will be given to you.

As long as you earn at least 1 point from any qualifying actions, you will receive at least 1 Gift Box containing a random amount of NPT tokens!

Participation in the NEOPIN Membership Season 1 is open to all individuals who have signed up for NEOPIN and completed the KYC verification process, regardless of whether they are existing or new users.

Season 1 also brings a referral program where you can earn extra points by referring your friends. Further details about the referral program can be found at the bottom of this blog post.

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