Unstake with npToken

Unstake Liquide Stake on NEOPIN

In liquid staking at NEOPIN, npToken is consumed to unstake staked assets. Based on the ratio of npTokens to staked tokens, an unstaking request is made for the value of the consumed npTokens.

The wait time for an unstaking request to be completed varies depending on the blockchain network: the Klaytn network has a 7-day wait time and Ethereum has a roughly 1–14 day wait time, but there have been instances in the past where unstaking wait time of 30 days or more has occurred due to Ethereum network congestion.

If you’re worried about waiting too long, NEOPIN also offers an “Immediate Unstaking” feature that allows users to swap in the swap pool for users who need to unstake their assets immediately!

Once the unstaking request is completed, the unstaked amount, including rewards, will either be available to claim or transferred directly to the wallet depending on the blockchain network.

With the liquid staking protocol which leverages the advantage of the PoS staking service, now available in NEOPIN, users can manage their assets in a variety of ways with greater stability.

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