[App] Bridge Guide

Easily Bridge Multi-chain Tokens

  1. Go to the [Wallet] tab > click the [Bridge] button and choose which bridge you want to use. For NPT or USDT, choose [EVM] and for FNSA, choose [Finschia]

  2. Select the token you want to bridge

  3. Choose a network of token to bridge from and to

    • Currently available networks are Klaytn, Polygon and Ethereum and they are bridgeable.

  1. Enter the amount to be bridged and click the [Convert] button

  • When bridging, a “Transaction Fee”, “Convert Fee” and “Chain Fee” will be applied

  • “Transaction Fee” is the fee for requesting a transaction and the native cion of the current network will be deducted.

  • “Convert Fee” is the fee applied to use Bridge service and deducted from the total amount to be bridged.

  • “Chain Fee” is the fee for transferring the token on the bridged network, and the native coin of the current network will be deducted.

  1. Review the estimated summary and click the [Confirm] button to proceed with the transaction.

  2. Enter the PIN Code to complete the transaction to bridge.

    • Once the bridge transaction is completed, the push notification will be sent. (There may be a waiting time due to the network situation)

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