Gift Box & Opening

Rewards for your Journey in NEOPIN Membership S1

Claiming Period

The Season 1 reward claim period will run from October 5th, 2023, to November 4th, 2023, 00:00 UTC. Be sure to mark your calendars and claim your rewards during this time frame to avoid missing out.

*Due to a delay in the iOS App review process, users with iOS devices will be able to claim the rewards at a later time. We will provide an update soon.


To qualify for Season 1 rewards, you must be a registered NEOPIN member and have reached at least the Copper tier or higher for the Membership S1, which concluded on September 26th. You can check your Membership S1 tier on the leaderboard here or in the NEOPIN App.

Users who participated in the sign-up/referral campaign, regardless of their Membership tier, are also eligible to receive Gift Boxes.

Gift Box

There are four types of Gift Boxes: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Uncommon. Legendary boxes will contain significantly more NPTs than Uncommon boxes. The number of Gift Boxes you earn is based on your Tier. Advancing to higher tiers increases the probability of opening boxes that contain more NPTs.

Please note that taxes may be incurred based on the participant’s country of residence when receiving rewards.

Gift Box Details

The table below provides information about the various types of Gift Boxes available, including associated box opening fees and the potential range of NPT tokens you can obtain when opening each type of box.

Please note that all NPT fees and rewards will be on the Polygon network.

Number of Gift Boxes

The table below outlines the varying numbers and types of Gift Boxes that each Membership S1 tier will receive:

Users who participated in the sign-up/referral campaign will receive an Uncommon box. If you successfully referred multiple friends to sign up on NEOPIN, you will receive a corresponding number of Uncommon boxes.

How to Claim Your Gift Boxes

  1. Go to the [Community] tab in the NEOPIN App.

  2. Tap the “Claim” button below the Genesis S1 Tier.

  3. Tap the “Open” button below each Gift Box on the My S1 Rewards page to proceed with the claim.

  4. Review the rewards, box opening fees, and transaction fees (in $MATIC). If you acknowledge and agree, tap the “Claim” button. *Note: You can adjust transaction fees by tapping the small pen icon next to the Tx Fee before proceeding.

  5. Enter your PIN to confirm your claim.

  6. Watch the box opening and tap the “Confirm” button.

  7. You’ll receive a push notification once the NPT rewards are deposited into your wallet.

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