NEOPIN's 2023 Roadmap

2023 Q1

Protocol expansion phase 4 for NEOPIN vision
  • Add Support Ethereum, Polygon Bridge and Wrapped Token Features
  • Launch Yield Farming Pools, Swap Features for Ethereum, Polygon Coins & Tokens
  • Launch Stable Coin related Products
  • Add Support Ethereum, Polygon networks on NEOPIN Connect

2023 Q2

Protocol expansion phase 5 for NEOPIN vision
  • Launch NEOPIN Premium Membership Program
  • Add Support Liquidity Staked Assets

2023 Q3

Protocol expansion phase 6 for NEOPIN vision
  • Launch Governance Voting Platform with L1 network support
  • Add Support Cosmos-compatible Network

2023 Q4

Protocol expansion phase 7 for NEOPIN vision
  • Add support for Finschia Blockchain Network
  • Add Support 1 EVM-compatible L2 Network and Launch Staking Products
  • Launch Bridge Feature on NEOPIN Web
  • Release Major NEOPIN Protocol Updates