The following information is deprecated and may limit its use. Please refer to the WalletConnect 2.0 tab for the latest version of NEOPIN wallet integration: WalletConnect 2.0

To use NeopinConnectUnity, you would need Unity2019.4.28f1 or above.

After making a new project in Unity, you will need to download NeopinConnectUnity from this repo by cloning it, forking it, or downloading as a zip file. Take the contents of the Assets folder in the repo and place it in your Unity Project.

Once imported in your Unity Project, create a game object in your scene named Wallet Connect and attach the Wallet Connect component to the your new game object. You can configure both the connection settings and app details in the Wallet Connect Component.

Sample Download

Clone or download the Sample App via Github.



MIT License (see the LICENSE file).

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