NEOPIN Club Membership Benefits

NEOPIN always appreciates our users who actively participate in the NEOPIN CeDeFi ecosystem.

🚀 APR Boost — Up to an Extra 3% Bonus APR on Top of Base APR

Imagine your staked assets working harder for you. The higher your membership tier, the higher the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) you earn on membership staking products.

🎁 Event Privilege: Exclusive Benefits for Members

Your membership tier will be a key to access to unique opportunities and experiences that are reserved for members participating in various NEOPIN events. Naturally, those in higher membership tiers will enjoy even greater benefits.

🕒 Early Access: Be the First to Experience Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve with early access to new NEOPIN products. As a member, you will have priority to explore and benefit from our latest innovations. This early bird advantage ensures that you will be at the forefront of the crypto world.

🤝 Exclusive Programs: Unparalleled Journey in the Crypto Space

Enjoy special access to exclusive member programs, such as programs with NEOPIN partners, all designed to provide you with an unparalleled journey in the crypto space with NEOPIN.

💬 Priority Customer Support: We're Here for You, First

Experience a new level of support with our priority customer service. As a valued member, your queries and needs are our top priority, ensuring that your NEOPIN experience is smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

👥 Community Benefits: Join the Inner Circle

Join our exclusive member-only Discord channels dedicated to fostering a community passionate about the world of crypto. Gain access to exclusive news and events, engage in discussions, and share insights.

🎁 Airdrop Privilege: Priority Access to Airdrops

Get priority access to partner token airdrops. This exclusive benefit ensures that you are always in a privileged position to receive additional rewards and tokens, enhancing your crypto portfolio.

Please note that Membership benefits including APR Boost rate and applicable products may change over time, and we will keep you informed of any updates to ensure you consistently enjoy the best value and experience.

For more and the latest details on current membership staking products, visit our official NEOPIN Club Membership page.

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