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How to Set-up Your NEOPIN App Settings

1. KYC Verification

  • You can check the KYC verification status in [Settings] tab - [KYC Verification].

  • The certification status is displayed as "KYC required", "in progress", "rejected", or "completed".

  • Users who are "KYC required", "KYC in progress" or "KYC rejected" may have restrictions in using the NEOPIN service.

  • The result of KYC verification will be notified via email or push message within 2–3 days from the date of request.

  • If the KYC verification review has been rejected, please check the details once again and request a re-examination.

2. Security

In the [Settings] tab > [Security], you can manage authentication and privacy features.

2-1 Authentication

In the [Settings] tab > [Security] > [Authentication], you can set authentication features such as Biometric Authentication, PIN Code and Two Factor Authentication (OTP).

2-1-1 Biometric Authentication

Click to enable / disable the biometric authentication to confirm your transaction

2-1-2 Change PIN Code

1. Enter your current PIN Code. If you have forgotten your current PIN Code, please proceed to [Reset PIN Code] using the recovery phrase.

2. Enter the new PIN Code you want to use

2-1-3 Reset PIN Code

1. Click the [Settings] tab > [Security] > [Authentication] > [Reset PIN Code].

2. After entering the 24-word recovery phrase, you can reset the PIN Code

2-1-4 Two Factor Authentication (OTP)

1. Authenticate with PIN Code (or biometric authentication)

2. After downloading and installing Google Authenticator from Google Play Store or App Store, Click the [Next] button.

3. Enter your setup key in Google Authenticator to add your account, and click [Add].

4. Enter the activated OTP code on the OTP authentication screen.

[Google Authenticator-OTP code activation]

  • Write down or copy the setup key and store it in a safe place.

  • If you replace or lose your mobile phone and reinstall Google Authenticator, you will need to re-register with the setup key.

2-2 Privacy

In the [Settings] tab> [Security] > [Privacy], you can set your application to be locked to access and check your Recovery Phrase.

2-2-1. App Lock

You can activate / deactivate your App Lock by authenticating with your 6-digit PIN Code or Biometric Authentication.

  • If you enable Biometric Authentication, you can unlock the app more quickly.

2-2-2. Check the Recovery Phrase

Enter your 6-digit PIN Code or Biometric Authentication to check your Recovery Phrase.

  • If the Recovery Phrase is lost, it cannot be recovered.

  • If you have replaced or lost your phone, or if you have deleted and reinstalled the NEOPIN App, you can restore your wallet by entering the Recovery Phrase.

3. Other settings

  • In the [Settings] tab, you can manage all the necessary settings when using NEOPIN.

※ Delete Account

Account deletion is available only after all assets in the account are withdrawn.

Case 1. Users with assets

  • You cannot delete your account if you hold or have deposited assets worth more than $5 or 1 NFT in NEOPIN Wallet.

  • Return to the [Wallet] tab, withdraw from all products, transfer all remaining assets to another wallet, and request for account deletion again.

Case 2. Users without assets

1. [Settings] tab > [App&Service Info] > Click the [Permanently Delete Account] button

2. After reviewing the Account Deletion Policy, enter "I agree" at the bottom to permanently delete your account.

3. When the deletion is complete, you will be directed to the home screen.

  • Once your account is permanently deleted, you cannot sign up again.

  • Once your account information and personal data in all NEOPIN services permanently deleted, they cannot be recovered. Please consider carefully before proceeding with the account deletion.

  • Assets sent to a permanently deleted account cannot be recovered.

  • Assets cannot be recovered if there are pending transactions.

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