Membership Points

The More You Deposit, the More Points You Earn!

Changes in Points Calculation Method

Starting from February 15th, only Stake and Pool points will contribute towards Membership points.

Swap, Bridge, and Referral points will no longer be included in Membership point calculations. Please note that this change may affect your Membership tier.

Please note that unstaking assets leads to the removal of corresponding points, resulting in a drop in Membership tiers. It’s recommended to keep your assets staked to maintain your Membership tier.

How to earn points

1. Stake Points

You can earn points by staking NPT, ETH, KLAY, FNSA, ATOM and TRX V2 or liquid staking ETH and KLAY on NEOPIN. Points are scored based on the amount of cryptocurrencies you stake. Staking NPT worth more than other coins or tokens.

point for Stake products = {amount of crypto asset} * {weight per 1 crypto asset} e.g. if you stake 1 NPT, Membership point = 1 NPT * {Weight per 1 NPT on the Stake product}.

2. Pool Points

Provide liquidity to any pools available on NEOPIN. Points are scored based on the amount of base cryptocurrencies you have deposited into the pool.

In the point calculation, the amount of base asset and the pair token have an equal value to each other, and the token amount is determined by the amount of LP you hold and the pool ratio. So as the Pool ratio changes over time, the points may change accordingly.

point for Pool products = {amount of base asset} * {weight per 1 crypto asset} * 2 e.g. if you deposit 1 NPT and 0.3 KLAY into the NPT-KLAY pool, Membership point = 1 NPT * Weight per 1 base asset (NPT) * 2.

See details on the point multiplier for each products

pageWeighted Point Multiplier for Each Product

Where to check points

To check detailed information about your points acquisition, click your tier banner for more details.

  • 24H Points and Total Points are updated daily at 00:00 UTC based on the number of user assets at the time of the daily snapshot.

If there are any changes in your staked assets, such as withdrawals or transactions, or if the Pool experiences fluctuations in supply and demand, your points will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the most recent asset amount.

Assets staked in terminated pools do not receive points. We advise you to withdraw your assets from terminated pools and provide liquidity in active pools to earn points.

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