The following information is deprecated and may limit its use. Please refer to the WalletConnect 2.0 tab for the latest version of NEOPIN wallet integration: WalletConnect 2.0


Pre-Work is required before connecting with DApp Sample.

  1. Enter Klaytn PrivateKey

    1. You must enter your PrivateKey with a total of 66 digits including 0x.

  2. Select Klaytn Network

    1. By default, the Testnet environment, Baobab, is selected.

    2. To test on the Mainnet, you can test by entering Mainnet PrivateKey and then selecting the Mainnet.


There are two ways to connect Wallet Sample and DApp Sample.

  1. Connection Request (DApp -> Wallet)

  2. Connection Request Screen (This is the screen that appears in Wallet Sample)

3. To use the Android Wallet Sample, you must allow the "Display Over Other apps" permission.

After connecting from DApp Sample, open Wallet Sample with DeepLink. Check Functions to connect DApp and Wallet.

QR Code

If you press QR Connect in DApp Sample, a QR Code is generated. Connect the QR Code generated above through the QR Scan function in Wallet Sample. The QR Code Scan function only works on different devices.

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