Error Code

The following information is deprecated and may limit its use. Please refer to the WalletConnect 2.0 tab for the latest version of NEOPIN wallet integration: WalletConnect 2.0

# server error
code: -32000
message: $message

# lock claim
code: -32001
message: $message

# invalid params
code: -32602
message: $message

# invalid request
code: -32600
message: $message

# parse error
code: -32700
message: $message

# method not found
code: -32601
message: $message

# permission denied
code: 11000
message: $message

# user canceled
code: 11001
message: User Cancel $method

# not logged in
code: 11002
message: User Not Neopin Logged in

# not completed kyc
code: 11003
message: User Not Completed KYC

# not completed transaction
code: 11004
message: User Not Completed Transaction

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