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NEOPIN Club Membership Benefits

Higher Tier, More Benefits
Detailed benefits of NEOPIN Club Membership will be announced soon!
NEOPIN always appreciates our users who actively participate in the NEOPIN CeDeFi ecosystem. There will be an exclusive opportunity for our most dedicated and passionate members to unlock a host of incredible benefits which include, but are not limited to:
  • Higher Tier, More Benefits: Rank up your tier, and enjoy more benefits from the NEOPIN DeFi products.
  • Early Access to New Features/Products: Be the first to explore and benefit from the latest additions and innovations on NEOPIN.
  • Exclusive airdrops and promotions: Engage in special airdrops and promotions created exclusively for NEOPIN Club Members.
  • Access to an Exclusive Discord Channel: NEOPIN Club Members will enjoy access to a dedicated channel on Discord where exclusive member-only information will be shared.