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How to Earn Points

The More You Use NEOPIN, the More Points You Earn!

Changes in Points Calculation Method From S1

Starting from September 27th, the new NEOPIN Club Membership points are calculated daily at 00:00 UTC using the updated points calculation method.
The points calculation method will be similar to how we calculated it in NEOPIN Membership Season 1, with some changes highlighted below:
  • Implemented changes to benefit NPT stakers by increasing the point value of NPT staking compared to Season 1.
  • Removed the daily 1% bonus points.
  • Point weights are scaled to the tenth compared to S1.
  • Referral Points; when referred friends stake or provide liquidity to pools with a minimum of $100 worth of crypto assets, both you and your friends will earn points daily.
Please note that unstaking assets leads to the removal of corresponding points, resulting in a drop in Membership tiers. It’s recommended to keep your assets staked to maintain your Membership tier.


1. Stake Points

You can earn points by staking NPT, ETH, KLAY, and TRX V2 or liquid staking ETH and KLAY on NEOPIN. Points are scored based on the amount of cryptocurrencies you stake. Staking NPT worth more than other coins or tokens.

2. Pool Points

Provide liquidity to any pools available on NEOPIN. Points are scored based on the amount of cryptocurrencies you deposit into the pool.
A daily snapshot will be taken at 00:00 UTC
Assets staked in terminated pools do not receive points. We advise you to withdraw your assets from terminated pools and provide liquidity in active pools to earn points.

3. Swap Points

Simply swap any tokens on NEOPIN to earn points. This is not based on the amount of cryptocurrencies but on the number of transactions. Swapping Ethereum and Polygon network tokens worth more.

4. Bridge Points

Bridge NPT to other networks. Points are determined by the number of transactions rather than the amount of NPT involved. Bridging to Ethereum and Polygon networks worth more points than the Klaytn network.

See details on the point multiplier for each products

5. Referral Points

You can earn points by referring as many friends as you want. Share your code with your friends, and they must enter your referral code after completing the KYC verification.
Once they enter the referral code and stake or provide liquidity to pools with a minimum of $100 worth of crypto assets, you will earn 0.1 points per day, and your friend will earn 0.2 points per day
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Only new users who sign up are eligible to enter the referral code. Existing users can only share the code. Navigate to [Settings] > [Referral Status] in the NEOPIN App to enter or copy the referral code. Refer your friends now and earn extra points!
If your friend withdraws the staked assets, points accumulation will be paused for both you and your friend starting from that day.
Also, please be aware that if the staked asset value drops below $100 due to price fluctuations, point rewards will be put on hold. It’s recommended to keep a buffer to avoid any issues.