Deposit and Withdrawal

How to Deposit and Withdraw from NEOPIN

1. Deposit

1. Click the [Add Token] button at the top of the home screen or go to the [Wallet] tab.
2. Select a token to create a deposit address and the deposit address will be issued.
3. If you send tokens to the address, the tokens will be transferred to your wallet after the transaction is completed.
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  • Please be sure to confirm the address before sending. Loss caused by sending to a wrong address cannot be recovered for any reason.
  • Depositing a token that is different from the issued address could result in the loss of the asset.

2. Withdrawal

2-1. Withdrawal

1. On the [Wallet] tab, select a token to be transferred.
2. Enter the address you wish to send to or scan the address QR code.
3. Enter the quantity to be sent.
4. After reviewing the expected transfer details, verify the OTP code and the transfer request is completed.
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  • Be sure to check the address and token type to be transferred before sending. Any loss caused by sending to a wrong address cannot be recovered for any reason.
  • You cannot send tokens to your address.

2-2. Address Book

Addresses used previously to send tokens are automatically saved in the address book. Frequently used addresses can be used faster and more conveniently by setting them as favorites or by adding nicknames.
1. Click the "Address Book" icon next to the "To (address)".
2. Select the address you wish to send to.
3. Ensure that the address book information is entered correctly next to the "Address Book" icon.
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2-3. Set Gas fee

Set Gas fee is currently only applicable for Ethereum transactions.
Networks like Ethereum requires transaction fees (gas costs) when transactions occur. You can adjust the fee according to the transaction time, but the shorter the transaction time, the higher the fee. (Fees may vary depending on network congestion and network conditions)
1. Click the [Set] text button next to the set gas fee in Estimated Summary.
2. [Set gas fee] window will appear.
3. Select the desired gas fee setting value and click the "Confirm" button to apply the fee.
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