Crypto Golf Impact

A Real-time Mobile P2E Golf Game Allowing Users to Earn S2T
"Crypto Golf Impact (CGI)" is a revamp of an existing title, "Golf Impact", which has been seamlessly integrated with NEOPIN’s blockchain technology to offer both traditional and blockchain gaming features.
As the world’s first mobile P2E golf title available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, CGI boasts its simple, intuitive controls and real-time player-versus-player matches with users all around the globe.
Players who acquire a “Crypto Pass” from an in-app purchase can earn "Crystals" from completing daily tour missions. Players can also purchase a "Sponsor Contract" with Crystals to boost daily Crystal earnings. They can then convert Crystals into in-game “S2 Token (S2T)”, which can be converted into NPT.


If you want to try out "Crypto Golf Impact", download the game through the link below.


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