P2E (Play-to-Earn)

Introducing NEOPIN P2E and its Ecosystem
P2E refers to activities that earn profits by exchanging or selling virtual assets acquired by playing the game, or using them in one's own character or game.
NEOPIN acts as a medium to exchange or connect the tokens used in each game ecosystem to virtual assets. NEOPIN plans to provide a game platform such as Steam to enhance user convenience so that users can purchase or play various games. Based on its existing experience related to P2E, more stable service support has been made possible.
NEOPIN provides an open platform for easy onboarding to its own platform. A more advanced open platform will be implemented rather than a platform that provides a closed onboarding method.
With multichain support, onboarding of existing games released on various chains will also be more accessible. To enable game developers to solely focus on game development, ‘one-stop service,’ which includes coin issuance and exchange, wallet service, and NFT exchange, is provided as well as a ‘Launchpad’ feature, which is for P2E token staking etc.