Claim Rewards

Claim Your Rewards and Earn with NEOPIN

1. For Yield Farm rewards

Please refer to the Yield Farm Guide.

2. For Stake / Event / Other rewards

1. Go to [Wallet] - [Stake] and click "Claim" in the "Claimable Rewards" column.
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2. Select the token you wish to claim and tap the "Claim Rewards" button. After the transaction is completed, the rewards will be transferred to your wallet.
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▶ If there are no claimable rewards, the "Claim" button will not be active.
▶ For products with multiple rewards, each reward is accumulated separately and each reward will be transferred to your wallet each time you claim the rewards.
▶ If the user's wallet address does not have enough tokens to cover the transaction fee, the claim cannot be made.
▶ The longer the claim cycle, the fewer transactions you make, which helps reduce fees.
▶ Depending on the unique characteristics of each network, there may be a time limit or delay for claiming rewards for each product. (Tokens that cannot be claimed for rewards will be shown in the Pending tab.)